Vintage 2007 Marlborough

As each vintage goes by we learn a little more about our vineyards and our wine style. It is one of the great pleasures of winemaking that we improve continuously how we handle the vineyards, the grapes and the wines. In the past few years we have increasingly been concentrating on complexity and subtlety in our wines. Our objective is to produce wines that are restrained but then develop across the palate. They are wines that flow across the palate and expand in flavour in the mouth. In our own vineyard we are increasingly using organic and particularly biodynamic techniques. We believe that increasing soil health has hugely beneficial effects on the way that a vineyard site is expressed and therefore the quality of fruit it produces. 2007 marks our eleventh vintage in our view another tremendously successful year where our wines show some real complexity and elegance and are true to their origin.

Sauvignon Blanc Pinot Noir
Weather Conditions

The 2007 growing season started normally. Bud break in our hillside vineyard started on 13th September. The rest of spring was something of a trial; repeated cold Southerlies and 50% more rainfall than normal. For the first time ever we saw frost damage in the lower lying areas of the vineyard. The flowering period was badly affected by cold wet weather at the end of November and early December. This meant that flowering took place over an extended period in most vineyards and was patchy across most vineyards. January was a mixed bag though cooler than normal; this slowed down ripening. Summer finally arrived in February. We then had a dream run right through to the end of vintage. Minimal rain but continuously long warm days and cool nights lead to a slightly earlier vintage than normal. A vintage where fruit was in excellent condition with great flavours.

Sauvignon Blanc 2007

Pinot Noir 2007

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