Vintage 2011 Marlborough

Vintage 2011 has come and gone. What a fantastic vintage too.

We had another cracker of an autumn with a long Indian summer. It allowed us to harvest great fruit just when we wanted. With clean fruit at optimum conditions winemaking was really easy. The Pinot Noirs did what pinots should do. The Sauvignon Blanc did what Sauvignons should too!

Seriously the wines seem to be getting easier to make as we have moved further into biodynamics. The natural balance is far better. This means our winemaking is more guiding than intervention. The resulting wines just seem to be comfortable the way they are!

 The key elements of our vintage:

Fantastic weather allowing for even ripening and very clean fruit throughout the vineyard.  The bunches were larger than in previous years which caught us out slightly on yield predictions and overall we would have been 5-10% up on predictions in some of our blocks.

 The Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir were picked during the same weeks.  We picked Viognier on 11th April at 8T/hectare.

 The key to keeping our fruit in good condition to the winery is to pick during the morning when the fruit is cool and finish picking by lunchtime.  All Pinot Noir, Viognier and 80% of Sauvignon Blanc is hand picked.  To minimize handling of fruit  the baskets are taken to the winery where the fruit is sorted prior to de-stemming and afterwards prior to going into tank/cuve. In the case of Sauvignon Blanc all fruit is sorted prior to going into the press where it is whole bunch pressed.



Sauvignon Blanc

 The Sauvignon Blanc was picked between 30th March and 13th April and was just over 9T/hectare.

Churton 2011 Sauvignon Blanc tasting note:


Pinot Noir

The Pinot was picked between 22nd March and 3rd April and was just under 6T/hectare.

(The 2011 Pinot noir will be released in 2012)


Viognier Report

The Viognier was picked on the 11th of April at 8T/hectare

Churton  2011 Viognier tasting note:

Weather Conditions

Fantastic weather allowing for even ripening and very clean fruit throughout the vineyard.

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